Not sure

28 06 2012

I’ve had this blog for about 2 years now and this will be probably my first actual blog.
Simple reason, I just wasn’t sure what to make it about. I’m still not sure. I’ve had interesting months and so many things worth mentioning happen but then they passed and went unmentioned.
So I’m back to the boring stuff. I work as a primary school teacher but don’t let the Department of Education hear you call me that, we are now called Educators. Yep, educators. I’ll explain some other time what the difference is, just to prove I did actually learn something from my UNISA course work.
I’m back to living under my parents roof and only see my husband on weekends. This has somehow confused my 24 and a half year old mind…that’s also another story.

Maybe I do have a story to tell after all…but I’ll see I still feel that way tomorrow.

The wonder that’s you

9 05 2013

I think I may have just had my first bout of morning sickness only it’s no longer morning, so I wonder why the call it morning sickness.
As uncomfortable as it feels, I cannot help feeling excited because this is a sign that I didn’t dream the past week.
I really am going to be a mom